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Remote Cabin

Australia is dotted with picturesque landscapes that feature in the bucket list of almost every tourist. If you want to truly unwind and live in a place where there are no email notifications to take you back to work or social media distractions, wilderness retreats are an ideal option. For the love of adventure and witnessing Australian flora and fauna from close quarters, wilderness cabins are the go-to choice of adventure enthusiasts.

We at Wild Escapes, offer spacious and highly comfortable wilderness cabins spread across varied regions of Australia. Depending on which wilderness area you wish to visit, our properties are located at close proximities to unite you with nature as you look over thousands of hectares of prehistoric land and beauty in abundance.

Our properties have all the world-class amenities offered by a 5-star hotel plus the added benefit of being right amidst nature away from the chaos of city life. Whether you are vacationing with your kids or on a solo trip, we have just the right option for you. To view our listed wilderness cabins across Australia, you can visit this link and select the accommodation that best fits your budget and preference.