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Kangaroo Valley

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Kangaroo Valley is definitely the most beautiful valley in Australia. Surrounded by rugged mountains and breath-taking landscapes, it is not difficult to see why it wins the heart of its locals as well as tourists with such ease. Just two hours away from Sydney, Kangaroo Valley allows you to immerse in nature and explore the pioneer history in the villages. The focal point of this beautiful destination is the sandstone Hampden Bridge which spans the Kangaroo River. This is the nation’s last surviving wooden suspension bridge and is a major attraction for the tourists. Next, to the Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley Pioneer Museum Park is also a must-see attraction for those who wish to gain an insight on the area’s history. For outdoor adventure, Kangaroo Valley offers great options like Morton National Park, Tom’s Pool and the Red Rock’s Walk from the Kangaroo Valley Nature Reserve.

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