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On average you’ll pay 10% less compared to other sites for booking Bicheno Accommodation on Wild Escapes.
Located on the Eastern coast of Tasmania, on the Northern tip of the Apsley Conservation Area, Bicheno has much to offer visitors who enjoy wild, remote areas. With its rugged coastline, Bicheno is a perfect place to encounter exotic sea life, including whales at the Whalers Lookout Scenic Reserve.

Local areas of interest include Harding Falls Forest Reserve (10km), Swan River Forest Reserve (15km) and Apslawn Forest Reserve (10km). Additionally, just 25km away sits the Moulting Lagoon, a large, natural inland lake with an entirely unique ecosystem compared to the surrounding areas.

Wildlife aside, Wild Escapes offers specially curated luxury accommodation in Bicheno, providing a comfortable place to unwind after a day of exploring the local wilderness areas. There are also several good restaurants and bars for visitors to Bicheno to enjoy. Most of these are clustered around the Whalers Lookout Scenic Reserve and include Sails Restaurant Bicheno, an excellent seafood restaurant and Three Spices, with its Asian-inspired cuisine. The Farm Shed East Coast Wine Centre is a local wine bar, which also offers and eclectic food menu.

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