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On average you’ll pay 10% less compared to other sites for booking Portsea Accommodation on Wild Escapes.

Portsea is a small town, located almost at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula. This makes it one of the most remote and rugged tourist locations in the area. Yet Portsea isn’t all about nature and wildlife. Sorrento, the popular beach destination is just next door.
In fact, Portsea is something of a local secret, a destination which is very popular with weekend visitors from Melbourne, which is only a few hours away. It combines easy access to some exceptional wilderness areas, and also other attractions such as Portsea Pier and the pristine and often deserted Shelley Beach.
With miles of coastal walks, and easy access to the nightlife and entertainment in Sorrento, Portsea is a perfect destination for visitors who enjoy exploring during the day, and soaking up local entertainment in the evening.
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