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Australia is home to a wide variety of amazing bird species some of which are exotic and can only be found here. From the rainforest of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula to the Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean, when it comes to diversity of birdlife, the country is blessed with over 800 different bird species. This includes the iconic emu and orange-bellied parrot to the kookaburra and rare Gouldian finch. It comes as no wonder then that bird watching is amongst the top activities tourists like to indulge on their visit.

If bird watching gets you excited too, you would appreciate the accommodations Wild Escapes has to offer. From Wilderness retreats to luxury cottages and cosily-tucked lodges our accommodation options are spread throughout diverse habitats including tropical rainforests, coastal and high country and temperate southern Australia. These locations are not only ideal for bird watching but also great to connect with nature and relax. You can enjoy the solitude away from the chaos of city life as you spot beautiful birds across breathtaking landscapes.

You can visit the link and click on the map to choose the rental accommodation based on wildlife sites and the most popular Australian bird watching regions throughout the country.