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Feel the need for a detox? Wish to enjoy solitude in the laps of nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Choose from any of our listed health retreats in Australia to connect with your inner self and recharge your batteries. Australia is home to plenty of such breathtaking locales where you can restore your soul, improve your health and unwind at your own pace. Based on the location you wish to visit, you can click on the link and select the health retreat of your choice.

We instil a sense of luxury and comfort in every accommodation we offer so our customers can have the best experience of their lives. Our health retreats also feature access to wellness facilities such as the gym, spa and sauna at your own leisure throughout the day. Breathe in as you lay back on a massage table at the spa or welcome the day and stretch your muscles on a yoga mat. Plus, you can enjoy organic cuisines that are full of nourishment and use local produce to keep you in the best shape.

Step into a world-class living experience by choosing from our selection of health retreats today.