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Australia is blessed with one of the most diverse landscapes on Earth comprising of vast national parks, ancient rainforests, beaches, waterways, rugged mountain ranges and reefs. All of these provide sanctuary to Australian wildlife including the native animals like koalas, kangaroos and platypuses and the rare wild species such as white lions and goannas among others. With more than 2,300 bird and animal species to boast of, Australia is a paradise for any wildlife lover.

If witnessing the amazing Australian wildlife in all its glory features in your bucket list as well, we have just the right accommodations for you to make your wishes come true.  Spread across the country, our listed properties are close to all the top wildlife spots and can make your wildlife watching trip more memorable. Our tastefully-designed rooms allow you to overlook the wilderness areas and even spot native animals gazing across the landscape on a lucky day.

Whether you are travelling in a big group or on a solo budget trip, we have just the right accommodation options to suit your tastes and budget. You can simply click on this link to view all our properties at one place and select the one you find best.